Infini Full set of Replacement Sticks

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Infini sanding sticks are manufactured using Electrostatic Induction which means the sanding surface does not tear away from the sponge. The sticks are double-sided so both sides can be used for sanding. Each stick measures 172mm x 28mm.

Some more about the product:

  • Can be used for dry and wet type sanding
  • Dirt and dust caused by lapping or polishing doesn't stick to the sanding sponge easily
  • Sanding particles never fall off the sanding sponge
  • Can be used for surface grinding of plastic model kits (and for wooden furniture, coating of musical instruments, moulds, automobile repair etc.)
  • Minimises scratches on products because of the electrostatic induction method
  • Can be reused by washing the sanding sponge after work, 50% longer life span than other products

The full set of 8 graded sanding sticks consists of:

    • 1 x 220
    • 1 x 400
    • 1 x 600
    • 1 x 800
    • 1 x 1000
    • 1 x 1500
    • 1 x 2500
    • 1 x 4000

TopNotch also sells a holder for the full set of Infini sticks. See our modelling desk accessories.