Fine work with Pro II

Pro II shooting thru Uschi Van Der Rosten’s Trinity Splatter etched mask. 0.2 needle fitted, paint is MRP RLM66 misted on. Base is white foam board, everything hand held so it’s a bit sloppy. I’m just playing around to see what the airbrush is capable of doing with this needle/nozzle and it’s very easy to get fine lines with it. Plus the build quality is excellent, the airbrush is solid and comfortable in the hand, the trigger is smooth as silk. And Sean stocks the Trinity Splatter masks too! (Unless he’s sold them all!)

Hurricane IIB Update

FLY 1/32 Hurricane by Biff Vivian

Done with TopNotch pattern A camo & insignia, custom letters & codes. This is still wip, just showing how good I feel the masks are. There are minor greeblies, caused by masking the night before (& life getting in the way) & my fault for not checking the masks 18 hrs + after application on the ‘fabric’ section of the fuselage before spraying. Great & easy to use, thanks TopNotch.

Hurricane II Build – Biff Vivian

FLY 1/32 Hurricane & TopNotch pattern A masks

The kit is what it is, but with Sean Middleton’s masks & camo on, using MRP, I’m starting to have feelings for this bitch again, nearly as much as when I first opened the box. No way couldn’t I paint this freehand & I would have spent hours masking myself. 1-2 hours to mask & spray sits well with me. For those that notice the rudder is held on with tape as I’m waiting for the insignia masks & letter codes & numbers to arrive. Nice product TopNotch, thank you, final pic, dog approves too!

Edgar Brooks Spitfire Notes

Edgar was a personal friend and over the years demonstrated a wealth of knowledge and his passion for the Spitfire. I have no met anyone who knew more on the subject. Edgar relied on historic records and tried to avoid speculation. Unfortunately, this at time caused some heated debates. He was not often wrong neither was he perfect. If anything he did have a perfect passion for the Spitfire. I have enclose the latest compilation of his notes and for updates check out Jon Buis site who continues to painstakingly compile Edgar’s work

How to Spray Roundels


1. Mark the mask with diagonal lines before removing it from the sheet

2. Place the other box in position on the model. Take care not to distort the mask

3, Spray the white in light dry coats. Let the paint dry completly

4. Spray the yellow. Let the paint dry completly

5. Replace the masks taking care to line up the lines

6. Remove the Inner mask corresponding with blue

7. Spray the blue.Let the paint dry completly

8. Replace the masks taking care to line up the lines

9. Remove the Inner mask corresponding with Red

10. Spray the Red.

Use the a similiar procees for the other Roundels