Infini Easy Cutting Mat Type D

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Infini Easy Cutting mats allows Modellers to quickly and precisely cut masking tape so you can create unlimited shapes from simple straight lines to complex curves and digital camo patterns easily. All you need to do is place your masking tape on the mat and cut along the required groove. There are no shapes that overlap in the type A,B and type D.

These boards are made from a hard wearing acrylic sheet which has been laser cut to create the grooves. Coated with a protective film, these boards will last a lifetime.

Type A: cut straight lines quickly and easily without using a ruler.

Type B: cut masking tape to perfect curves or circles and squares. This board can be used with a compass cutter to help create more accurate circles.

Type C: create large radius lines and R's. This board also features radius and degree markings.

Type D: create triangles, hexagons, chevrons and even more complex shapes from one piece of tape.

Please note: D type is similar to type B, but type B is at a 60 degree angle and D type is at a 45 degree angle and can create shapes like regular hexagons.

TopNotch sells all 4 types of cutting mats.