Mirage IIIE

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The Mirage IIIE differed considerably from the earlier Mirage IIIC interceptor. Its airframe was 300mm (12in) longer with a forward fuselage extension.This increased the size of the avionics bay located directly behind the cockpit. The stretch also enabled its fuel capacity to be expanded. The stretch was small and hard .to notice, but the clue is that the bottom edge of the canopy on a Mirage IIIE ends directly above the top lip of the air intake, while on the Mirage IIIC it terminated behind the lip.

In addition it was fitted with Cyrano II radar and additional air-to-ground modes. It had improved navigation equipment including TACAN and a Doppler radar in the under-nose bulge. The IIIE had a more powerful engine, the Atar 09C-3 turbojet engine

This set includes only the camouflage pattern.Please see our extended pack for which includes insignia and code letters