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Category Luftwaffe

This February 23, 1945, factory camouflage pattern is depicted as applied to the Me 262 A-1a series. Numerous variations occurred including irregular wing uppersurface demarcation lines, a solid single color over all uppersur1aces, and mottling variations to the vertical tail assembly. Apart from the wooden gear doors, metal RATO panel and jet engines which were painted Color 76, undersurfaces were to be left unpainted. In spite of this directive, most aircraft routinely were camouflaged Color 76 on all underĀ­ surfaces. Some examples carried light gray (see p. 143) fuselage sides and vertical tail assemblies. Undersurface areas of the fuselage and wing were sometimes initially painted light gray over which various stencil data was applied. All undersurfaces were then sprayed Light Blue 76 excepting the stencil data which was carefully avoided. Wing crosses are shown in their common positions. However, official specifications called for their alignment to be parallel to the line of flight. Dimensions were Wing Top: 630 mm, Wing Bottom: 800 mm (810 mm NASM 262), Fuselage: 800 mm, Swastika: 430 mm.

It is suggested that you check the instructions or pictures of the subject to see which pattern to order. The set consists of self adhesive vinyl masks.

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Suitable for Acrylic and Enamel Paints