Spitfire XIVe RAF Vinyl Camouflage Mask

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Weight: 75g
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Category RAF

This mask has specifically been designed for the Mk XIVe. This mask set will suit most kits, the Airfix Kit  in 1/48 is recommended. The mask will also work equally well on Most "Lowback" Spitfires such as the Tamiya IXVe in 1/32.

In total, 957 Mk XIVs were built, of which over 430 were FR Mk XIVs. After the war, second hand Mk XIVs were exported to a number of foreign air forces; 132 went to the Royal Belgian Air Force, 70 went to the Royal Indian Air Force and 30 of the reconnaissance variant went to the Royal Thai Air Force. See our TNMxx-M160 for our SEAC Mask set.

This set includes only the camouflage pattern. Serial numbers, code letters and other markings are not included.