Mirage IIIC – BMF – “Red Flash” Vinyl Camouflage Mask

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Categories France , Israel , SAAF
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The "Mirage IIIC" was orignially finished in Bare Metal or painted Silver and was used effectively by France, South Africa and Israel. This mask set has been desinged to give the modeller an arlenative to using decails. CARE NEEDS TO BE TAKEN WHEN USING METAL PAINTS AS THE MASKS HAVE A TENDANCY TO PULL METAL COLORS AWAY FROM THE PLASTIC.

We have tried to faithfully represent the scheme used for this period.


Two methods may be used:

Method 1 (Postive Masking)

Step 1: Spray the colored areas (such as red) onto the primer coat.

Step 2: Carefuly place the inner portion of the mask pattern on to the model to protect th coloured area.

Step 3. Make sure that the masks are burnished (smoothed) down so that your paint won't bleed under the mask. Metal colours tend to be very thin and may easily creep under a mask that is not properly placed on the model.

Step 4. Paint the "Silver" colour at a low PSI taking care to avoid pooling on the mask edges.

Method 2. (Negative Masking)

Step 1. Paint the "Silver".

Step 2. Carefuly place the outer portion of the mask pattern on to the model. Care must be taken to mask for overspray.

Step 3. Spray the colours such as red inside the mask.

Step 4. Remove masks gently and carefuly when red is dry.