Hellcat JX814, Sub-Lt W.M.C Foster, Okinawa 1945

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Category Royal Navy

Hellcats flying off the deck of HMS Indomitable in the Pacific accumulated a total of forty aerial victories. One aircraft that was a part of the total was JX814, which, on April 12, 1945, was flown by Sub-Lieutenant W.C.M. Foster in combat against a Ki-61, which he subsequently shot down. A short while later, the same fate was met by a Ki-43. These were Foster’s second and third kills. By the end of the battle for Okinawa, he managed a further two victories, and thus became one of the few Hellcat aces in British service. The fate of JX814 was sealed the following day, when, in combat with enemy aircraft and flown by Ch.R.Thurston, the plane was fatally hit by anti-aircraft fire from friendly ships.

This mask set has been designed specifically for use with the Airfix 1/24 F6F Hellcat. Use

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